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Earn money from the Internet with the best income on the web! Earn residual income for life. Very low investment, easy to operate, no technical knowledge required. We do all the heavy lifting. You make up to 40% monthly residual commission on each customer.

We're Adtastic Hosting and Internet Services, LLC. We have been providing our customers with quality Internet related services since 1999. Our business was built from the ground up by one individual and has become a very successful business with customers from all over the world.

What you are about to discover on this website is a limited time offer we are making available until a specific number of people have responded and signed up. Although we are marketing this opportunity in many ways it is not our intention to mass market the ability to sell our program with thousands of affiliates. We only want a handful of quality affiliates that are serious about making serious money therefore we reserve the right to close this offer at any time. We suggest you study this offer carefully and please call us directly toll-free at 1-866-622-5710 to ask questions or for more detailed information.

There are many so-called income opportunities across the Internet but only one of them is truly "tried and true" and offers something that anyone and everyone that wants to be successful on the Internet must have!

And we've made it easy for you to take advantage of that fact with our best web income residual internet income program. Very low investment. Very low overhead. No technical experience required!

If anyone wants to be on the Internet they must have this product. It isn't a matter of maybe - it's an absolute requirement! If I want to be successful on the Internet I must have this product.You cannot even begin to be on the Internet without it. It doesn't matter if you plan on selling e-books, marketing a MLM or network marketing program, operating a web store or anything at all, to be on the Internet you need this first.

What are we talking about???

We're talking about three things here. A Domain Name, Web Hosting and a Web Site! That's right, before anyone has even a semblance of a chance at being successful on the web first they need a proper domain name and second they need a website and third they need a place to have the website hosted.

It's the number one requirement to going online!
Millions of domain names are purchased every year and millions of websites go online every year. And absolutely no one can get on the internet in a proper manner without first having a domain name and second having some sort of web site or web page to represent themselves and third, having a web host!

We've made our living out of having a piece of that pie and we have to tell you, it's a very comfortable living indeed!

Being a smart business we know that the best way to make even more money is to share the wealth and make it simple and easy for others to capitalize upon our infrastructure and make money too. And that is exactly what we have done by bringing this lucrative program directly to you.

Did you know that over 5,000,000 small businesses in the United States alone still do not have a domain name or a website?

With our program, if you were to capture just one-tenth of one percent of that available market (5,000 customers) you would be earning around $25,000* per month, each and every month with virtually no overhead, no inventory to carry, hardly any expenses whatsoever!!

And here's the best part: You won't need any technical knowledge at all to do this- we do all of the technical work for you, provide all of the customer support -in fact, once your customer is onboard you simply collect your residual every month!

We've been successfully operating our hosting business since 1999.
We know hosting.

Now you know what kind of money we are talking about.

In a major study, it was found that of the over 5,000,000 small businesses without a website, the common denominator, was that they believed it would be too expensive and too technical. What if they found out it was neither too expensive or too technical? Do you think they might change their mind? If the 5,000,000 small businesses without a website were presented with information proving to them that it would be extremely inexpensive to be on the Internet and that they could have a professional quality website quickly and easily for free, how many of them do you think would respond to such an offer?  Ten percent of them or 500,000? One percent of them or 50,000?

How many people do you think we sign up everyday for our free website with low cost hosting program???

If you used our simple program and only one-tenth of one percent of the 5,000,000 businesses in the U.S. currently without a website responded (5,000) you could earn about $25,900.00* per month, each and every month they remained online - without even having to hardly lift a finger!

No inventory to keep, no overhead, in fact nothing to do at all except cash the check every month! And that is just the base pay! Our program provides many other ways that your customers can give you money by purchasing Internet related services- that's what we call, "the gravy."

Why should you bother with MLM programs that are here today and gone tomorrow, network marketing programs that you can't even tell your friends and family about because they'll just laugh you away and tell you "When you make a fortune with it then I MIGHT be interested," when you have the opportunity to participate in the one thing that drives the very backbone of the Internet?

For more information read about The Product or give us a call toll free at 1-866-622-5710 between the hours of 10am-10pm CST Mon-Fri and 10-6 Sat, or 1-501-270-0662 ANYTIME and ask to speak to our Director Department for immediate service from our company top management. We're serious about this business and we're serious about this opportunity and if you want to be serious about making money we'd love to hear from you!

And please understand -we only want serious people that are going to be successful. Just as we reserve the right to close this program at anytime we also offer you an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee and at the same time we reserve the right to refund or not accept anyones payment that we believe is not going to give the little bit of effort it will require to be successful. We're not giving money away here for free but we have created what we believe is the simplest, most credible program in the history of the Internet for making a lifetime of residual income for the least amount of effort by anyone, no technical knowledge required. It's working great for us and we are willing to share it with a limited number of people because true wealth comes when you share the wealth.

Call us at 1-866-622-5710 or if you are really serious and you want to reach us anytime call us at our 24 hours support line reserved for our customers at: 1-501-270-0662


*Income projection made based on purchase of $12.95 monthly hosting plan. In this example the minimum income you would earn would be $15,900.00 per month if customer chose our lowest priced package. These are examples only as income you earn is unpredictable and solely based upon your own efforts and customer response which means in more exact terms you may not make a penny if you don't make a sale or you may only make a small amount of money if you only make a small amount of sales. it is entirely up to you and your own efforts. Once you have made a sale, we do all the work from there!

Live support by Adtastic Hosting and Internet Services
Live support by Adtastic Hosting and Internet Services


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